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David Atmore III

“Solo Artist”The Image: A male vocalist whose image and sound were cultivated through versatility / My style grasps attention with innovation of bright colors, bright minds, and an on time high bright future.My Motto:Life Oriented / From all agesThe Music:My sound is a romantic ballad, to get you in your best mood. Pop dance appeal, laced with hip-hop grooves for hungry radio airplayThe Concept:In my music, I relate to my surroundings and how it affects others in our society through my versatility. I can convey my personal opinion on what I see happening in the world today. “For my name is like a chameleon, for it is able to change. Not only to hide, but to fit in with its surroundings just as I do with my music”Future Endeavors:I plan to further my knowledge of music and bring up other vocalist and groups that yearn to obtain the goals that I strive for. I also look to further my knowledge in college and to help inner city children endure the everyday dangers that confront them on the streets. The journey in which I embark will not fail because any obstacle will be overcome through faithExperience/Work:I had the experience to meet & work with these legendary groups to see how they put it all together:Band

  • The Delfonics

  • The Mad Lads

  • The Temprees

  • The Millennium











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